Circle Time

In circle time this week we looked at Dan’s bad day and discussed how Dan’s reactions could have made his day better and changed the outcomes of the day. We then acted out Dan’s good day and created freeze frames.


In P.E today we have looked at dance in the style of West Side Story. We used cannon, unison and contrast. Comment on the picture to explain what these words mean.

Wonderful Writing from 6EA!

Read this extract from Melissa, a letter home from an evacuee. I am so proud of the wonderful writing that has been sent in from 6EA! Keep up the great work 🙂

Dear Mummy and Daddy,

I am writing to you both because I want you to know what happened on my trip here. When me and Bob got on the train, Bob started crying. I did my best to mop him up but he still looked blotchy and tear-stained. It was hot and stuffy in our carriage so I opened the carriage window to let the breeze in. Quite unfortunately, we both got soot smuts all over ourselves but I wiped it off our faces with the towel you gave me. It was more than a breeze, more like a wicked wind and I suddenly felt quite nauseous. I stuck my head out of the window and was sick all over the train. Don’t worry, I’m not ill, I just felt quite sad and I didn’t get told off. I scrubbed at my face quite hard so’s to get the dirt off. To distract myself, I looked out of the window and showed Bob the animals and buildings. That cheered him up a bit. I pictured us all living in the countryside. Daddy would be a farmer and we could all help. We could all be together and we’d have plenty to eat. I eventually went to sleep thinking about it.

When I woke up we were nearly at the station. I felt really nervous because I wouldn’t know anyone and everything would be different. I also felt sad because I couldn’t be with you both and I missed you both, especially Mummy. I knew life would be better for our health and safety there and I was looking forward to playing in the big fields but I really wanted to be in my old life. I was dreading village school. The teacher might be really strict and scary and have a hard cane and I didn’t know all my tables. What if I got told off. I was sure I would be able to manage just about but Bob was really young and he found his adding and subtracting and tables hard. I would have to stick up for him and be a good sister.