Questions for Parents

Are you wondering what your child has been learning this week? Here are some questions that they SHOULD be able to answer!

  1. Who is Carl Linnaeus
  2. Why is he famous?
  3. In our class reader ‘The Explorer’, what do the children see in the river? (Clue it’s pink)
  4. How do you check the inverse of a multiplication?
  5. How do you show 324 x 12 on a bar model?

A Question for Parents

Parents, here are some questions to ask your child so they can tell you specifically about their learning from this week…

What are the names of the layers of the rainforest? Which animals live in each layer? Can you think of a simile to describe the Amazon river?

Welcome Back!

Hi 6EA, welcome back! Here is a photo of our anti bullying charter. Can you remember a ‘right’ that you have? You all have rights e.g to education but you also have a responsibility to respect the rights of others e.g to support others with their learning and not to disturb them! How can we respect other people’s rights at school? Comment with ideas!