Heart Dissection

Today we dissected a heart to learn more about the different parts. What parts of the heart can you name? Comment below to name the parts of the heart and how you found the experience.

Circle Time

What’s the risk? This week we discussed risks even further. When deciding on whether to take a risk, we decided that it is important to think about the outcome and to weigh up the positives and negatives. Sometimes, we are easily led by othere around us but it is important to think for yourself when making decisions. Here we are rating risks on a scale from 1-10.

Insulators and Conductors

In 6EA, we drew a range of circuits and tested to see if they worked. Some of our circuits had insulators which broke the flow of electricity and stopped the bulbs, buzzers and motors from working. Some circuits had conductors, which enabled the electricity to flow.

Can you name 3 conductors of electricity and three insulators?

Circle Time

In our circle this week, we discussed methods for saving money and which method we thought would be the best. We played a game where we had a list of items to sell at a school fair and we had to price them according to their value. We discussed factors such as condition, age and popularity.


In 6EA today we have been learning about parallel and series circuits. From our pictures, can you notice who has made parallel and who has made series?